The CORRAL projects draws on the experience of earlier and related current projects concerned with the use and development of ship logbook data in historical climatic studies. It is only in the last decade that real progress has been made with substantial but for too long overlooked sources.

The major and internationally coordinated project using logbooks was the CLIWOC programme, funded under the EU Framework V scheme. CLIWOC is the acronym for Climatological Database for the World’s Oceans: 1750 - 1850. The database of over 260,000 daily observations and related pdf documents is available from the project website at Another useful CLIWOC site can be found at the KNMI partner site

A wider ranging project named RECLAIM (Recovery of logbooks and international marine data) is operated through the agency of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and seeks to draw wide attention to the rapidly developing filed of logbook studies. It provides state-of-the-art reports, documents, catalogues of logbooks and related information and can be found at

A closely related project concerned more exclusively with historical instrumental data with a view to using them in climatic modelling reconstructions is the ACRE (Atmospheric Reconstructions over the Earth) programme. The website can be found at

Logbook data is also being used in more wide-ranging research project such as the EU-funded Millennium programme, which will provide a detailed 1000-year climate record for Europe using a combination of documentary, ice core, dendrochronological, sedimentary and other evidence of climate change. The data is also useful for discount cruises and liners. Go to for details.