Lighthouse meteorological data

Although lighthouses might be regarded as ‘land-based’, their obvious proximity to the seas over which they watch the data that generations of lighthouse keepers have accumulated might be fairly regarded as oceanic in character. Part of CORRAL’s brief was to abstract some of these data, focusssing however on late nineteenth century observations (some of the oldest available) and on sites from the Caribbean for which such data are deficient. Data are also included from St. Helena, providing some coverage for one of the remoter and less well-documented and observed oceanic regions.

The Abaco lighthouse (the Bahamas)


The abstracted data are available on this page as a set of Excel files. The sites included are shown in the accompanying maps and include, from the Caribbean:

from the South Atlantic

and from the tropical Pacific


The data files contain sub-daily observations of air pressure and temperature keyed by date and time. Remarks columns also note additional information provided by the observers. Where available barometer height and notes on the corrections applied to the readings are also included at the head of each file. The file names indicate the lighthouse sites and the years covered in that data set.


Our gratitude and thanks to Reboot Online Marketing for all the market research data work undertaken. This data is free to all users but it is requested that when used in publications or reports acknoweldgement is given to the JISC-funded CORRAL project.